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Welcome to the Federation of Christian Ministries!

You have chosen an exciting time to explore joining us or to continue your membership. Our ministerial community is expanding with new programs, a more diverse membership, and numerous ways to respond to the needs of people we serve. We are also engaged in a strategic planning process which will chart FCMs course over the next several years.

In 2013, FCM celebrated its 45th anniversary. From its earlier years until now, its central focus has always been that of encouragement and support for the ministerial activities of its members. Over the years, FCM expanded this support to include commissioning, which authorizes the commissioned member to function as an FCM minister in those ministries which have a civil requirement, such as witnessing weddings, and to function in other ministerial roles. FCM also provides official endorsement to qualified members which enables them to be employed in pastoral counseling, clinical pastoral education, and institutional chaplaincies roles.

The Membership Directory is available on the Members Only area of the FCM website. The Directory can assist members in locating others in the various geographical areas of the country. The bimonthly FCM Newsletter connects members to one another through an exchange of ideas, experiences, and local news items. And members can list their contact information on this website to market their ministries.

An annual national assembly draws members together to meet new friends and renew acquaintances, to pray together, to widen their visions of ministry, and to enjoy the camaraderie of members from other parts of the country. The popular local and regional gatherings celebrate and bond members to one another through personal sharing.

Whether a member or a visitor, you are invited to attend the virtual Global Ministries University to obtain undergraduate or graduate degrees in ministry or simply take refresher or current courses in ministry.

In 2013, FCM was granted the new designation by the IRS as a Convention or Association of Churches. FCM has expanded to include faith communities as well as individuals as members. As an ecumenical and interfaith organization, FCM offers an active Roman Catholic Faith Community Council which includes women priests. The Council is a member of the International Federation for a Renewed Catholic Ministry. As an interfaith organization, FCMʼs structure also includes an Interfaith Council.

As Co-Presidents, our goals are four: to implement the strategic plan, to assist our regional vice presidents, to connect with FCM members, nationally, and to support our individual and group members in their ministries.

Please take time to visit our website and then contact us or a regional vice president for more information. We are all here to support you and to welcome you to our ministerial community. We look forward to meeting you,

Tom and Michaelita Quinn

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