Who We Are

We are a convention of faith communities and churches, gathering and inspiring Christians and individual ministers. Ministering to God’s people, we serve as equals and partners by providing pastoral and spiritual care, leading worship services, officiating at weddings, baptisms and funerals. We offer spiritual direction, lead retreats, offer healing and interfaith outreach.

Mission Statement

The Federation of Christian Ministries responds to the Divine Call by empowering and nurturing those inspired for inclusive ministries.

Vision Statement

FCM envisions a future in which inclusive ministry transforms society. 

Core Values:






     Mindful Living

Member Benefits

FCM offers the following benefits to its members: education, commission, professional endorsement for specialized ministries, yearly assemblies, free listing of ministries on the FCM website, prayer support, regional networking, and a bi-monthly FCM newsletter, and assistance in developing local faith communities.

Ministry Services

FCM members are available for the following ministry services: worship communities, officiating at weddings, ministering at baptisms and funerals, pastoral care, spiritual direction, healing, retreats, and interfaith dialogue.

Federation of Christian Ministries

Central Office

1709 West 69th St. #1

Cleveland, OH 44102

Phone: 216-571-7698

Welcome to the Federation of Christian Ministries