Letter From Our President

Thank you for visiting FCM's website. I invite you to spend a few minutes to learn more about us. FCM is made up of faith communities, individual members, and service organizations. We are working to create new programs, to generate a more diverse membership, and to find new ways to respond to the needs of the people we serve. It is a great time to be in FCM.

From its founding over 50 years ago to this day FCM's focus has been that of encouraging and supporting Christian ministry. The center and inspiration of ministry usually is found in faith communities. FCM focuses on our faith community members. To support them we help them to network with one another, sharing best ideas. Then as individual members feel the prompting of the Spirit, we provide direct support to them and validation of their ministry. We commission for ministry those who feel a call to serve God's people. Our ministers lead communities, witness weddings and officiate at baptisms and funerals. As a religious body we provide official endorsement to qualified members. Endorsement is generally required for certification in ministries such as institutional chaplaincy, pastoral counseling, and clinical pastoral education. Both commissioning and endorsement involve conversation and vetting as the applicant moves forward.

We create community throughout our national membership by holding local and regional gatherings. Members stay in touch with one another as ministerial colleagues for personal, professional, and spiritual support. Our bimonthly FCM Newsletter shares regional and national news. All members register onto our secure personnel site, Realm. Each member can then contact each other member through the Realm facility. Using Realm, our leadership is able to reach out to groups of members who are in ad hoc gatherings. Realm provides communication to each registered group.

Our biannual National Assembly brings everyone together for speakers, workshops, ceremonies, prayer and socializing. In July 2018 we celebrated our 50-year history in Philadelphia. In our largest Assembly yet we renewed relationships, learned others' best practices and reflected on developments in theology and social justice. Most important, we experienced inspiration for our spiritual growth. For many, their attendance at this and earlier Assemblies has been their high point experience with FCM. Then each Region holds its own conference in the year after an Assembly.

So, please take a look at us. Read over our philosophy expressed in our Constitution. Check out our polices of ethics and professional standards. If you feel good about all you read, we would like you to join us. We want you as you are. Many of us in FCM are refugees: from our original denomination because of our theology; because our lifestyle is not accepted by some decision makers; because being in the LGBTQ community blocks acceptance. Well, we welcome you, and we invite you to join us on a journey of spiritual growth. We can help and inspire one another and those we meet.

If you would like to contact me or one of our Regional Vice Presidents to find out more, that would be wonderful. I can be reached at President@FCMmail.org

You can reach our Regional Vice Presidents (check our map of the Regions) through their emails, which are found under the Circle of Directors tab. We are all here to support you and to welcome you to our community. We look forward to meeting you.

Thomas E. Cusack

Welcome to the Federation of Christian Ministries!

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