Letter From Our President

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Federation of Christian Ministries (FCM) website.  I would like to offer you a thumbnail sketch of FCM.

FCM is a convention of churches, 53 years old now and we are reimaging how we celebrate faith and the practice of faith.  We are a people who have a deep love for God and for all people.  Our hope is to represent the Holy One well in this world. We value inclusiveness, diversity, social justice, compassion, respect and we have a great concern for the environment.  An example of how we live out our values is seen in our governance.  We call our leadership group a circle.  The circle symbolizes that we are a non-hierarchical form of governance where each member brings an equal voice to the table as we offer leadership in the organization.  

FCM is committed to building faith communities/churches where people can grow in their faith relationship with God and with one another.  It is our hope to grow new places of worship in America that are inclusive, diverse, committed to social justice and to showing compassionate love to all people.  To see an explosion of inclusive places of worship grow out of FCM efforts is a real dream and goal that we share.

FCM receive individuals as general members of the organization.  General members share the values of FCM.  They volunteer to do many different acts of service on behalf of FCM.  The first level of entry into the FCM family is to join as a member.  

FCM is committed to ordaining, commissioning and endorsing men and women in Christian ministry.  Members of FCM may apply for commissioning and endorsement.  The Circle (of directors) commissions people who are called of God to be spiritual directors, pastor/teachers, chaplains, and to be fed by the administration of spiritual sacraments. We work to meet our ministers along their spiritual journey.  FCM grows with each minister as they work to fulfill their call from God.  We value appropriate educational training that is needful for one’s call.  We review all recommendations letters and we look for a clear sense of call in all ministry candidates.  FCM is recognized by National Organizations as an accredited endorsing and ordaining agency.  It is our delight to work with our commissioned chaplains as they moves on to board certification.     

Feel free to read our history, philosophy, and our constitution.  In addition to this, know that we have regional vice presidents who can meet and speak with you about FCM.  I can be reached at president@FCMmail.org.  FCM has held my commissioning and endorsement for over 10 years.  It is my commissioning and endorsing body.  Because of FCM, I have been able to reach the lives of many patients, family members and hospital staff members.  I am thankful for my journey with Christ, with FCM.  It could be that FCM might be that good fit for you and your ministry too.  

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Ronald G. Davis, MDIV, BCC

Welcome to the Federation of Christian Ministries!

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