FCM Faith Community Membership

The Federation of Christian Ministries offers individual membership and group membership. Group membership includes faith communities, churches, and service groups. To apply for group membership, the group must have at least one member who will be the liaison with FCM.


  1. Retain the independence of your existing local faith community or group.
  2. Retain all your members, practices, ministries, and plans.
  3. Become part of a growing national ministerial faith community.
  4. Gain the opportunity to network and share with many other local faith communities.
  5. List your organization on the FCM website as a Faith Community Member (optional).
  6. Be listed in the FCM National Directory under Faith Community Member (optional).
  7. Receive a copy of the FCM Newsletter for news of individuals and group members.
  8. Utilize the FCM National Registry for baptisms, weddings, and funerals (for commissioned ministers).
  9. Choose to be listed as a church.
  10. Nominate and vote for your regional FCM Vice President for representation on the Circle of Directors.
  11. Attend and participate in FCMs annual National Assembly.
  12. Be part of a larger grass roots ministerial movement across the U.S.
  13. Enable Faith Community members to apply as individual member(s) of FCM (optional):
    a. Eligible to be commissioned to function as a minister to meet civil requirements (e.g., to officiate at weddings)
    b. If commissioned, eligible to be endorsed for chaplaincy, pastoral counseling, and/or clinical education.


  1. The lead person of the faith community or group submits an Application to the regional FCM Vice President requesting faith community membership, describing the community, and their desire for FCM membership.
  2. A check for membership dues made out to FCM is included:
  3. $50 if the faith community has 50 or fewer members which includes 1 vote in FCM elections.
  4. $95 if the faith community has 51-100 members which includes 2 votes in FCM elections.
  5. $135 if the faith community has more than 100 members which includes 3 votes in FCM elections.
  6. After acceptance, the faith community receives a letter and an FCM certificate confirming their faith community membership in FCM.
  7. FCM recommends that the FCM certificate be presented to the faith community at a local ceremony, if possible.

Please apply for FCM Faith Community membership by one of the following 2 ways:

1. Send The Application Form By Mail: Download PDF

2. Fill Out The Application Form Below.


We want to get better acquainted with you as our new faith community member so that FCM can serve your needs and call upon your talents to help others. So we ask you to share the following information with us.


After you complete your Application, please submit your Faith Community Membership Application with a check for dues for the balance of this calendar year according to the following schedule:

$50 if the community has 50 or fewer members. This includes 1 vote in FCM elections.
$95 if the community has 51-100 members. This level includes 2 votes in FCM elections.
$135 if the community has more than 100 members. This level includes 3 votes in FCM elections.

Faith Community is renewable for each calendar year (January 1 – December 31) during the renewal period from August 1–October 31 by completing an annual report and paying annual dues according to the schedule above. Dues paid after October 31 are $60.- $110. - $150.

Please make your check payable to: Federation of Christian Ministries.

Mail your application and check to: the FCM Vice President for your region. Please visit the FCM website and click on Circle of Directors for the name and address of your regional Vice President. www.federationofchristianministries.org

If your community has brochures, a Mission statement, or other materials which would help FCM understand you better, please enclose copies with your application

By signing this Application, the Contact Person and the FCM liaison represent that the community intends to subscribe to the mission and purposes of the Federation of Christian Ministries.


You must pay a $50 application fee in order to complete the application process. After you submit this form, you can visit our Online Payments page, where you can make your payment.